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I have a strong belief that images should be enjoyed and not locked away forever in digital files.  So many people I have spoken to over the years have told me that they have never created physical prints or albums of their wedding photographs.  They even admit to not looking at them for years at a time.  Gathering the family and sitting around a computer to view them, just simply doesn’t happen.  There is nothing nicer than sporadically dashing off to get the album and all enjoying the images whilst comfortably having a brew at the kitchen table or relaxing on the sofa with a glass of wine in your hand.  The emotions of the day come pouring back as you physically hold a beautiful album containing all of your magical memories.  When the dust of a wedding has settled, life busily carries on, and so quickly people forget the incredible pictures they have.  A USB doesn’t compare to the heirloom of an album that years down the line, your children will adore looking at.  Especially when it gets tucked away in a drawer and forgotten about.

For these reasons I strongly advise that you consider investing in a handcrafted, lay flat, professional wedding album.  It really is the perfect way to preserve your precious memories.  An album brings to life your day and ensures that you will always have a keepsake to cherish.  Jorgensen have been creating bespoke albums for more than 30 years and they are renowned for their quality, style and beauty.  You have the choice of a variety of different covers – silk, leather, linen and many more.  Likewise there is a choice of colours and many different fine art papers.  Here are my top 3 Album types:


Matted Art Album

A chic handcrafted matted album, offering a sharp, clean cut appearance while allowing the pages to lie flat.  Standard features include an unpadded cover with square spine and Standard Matted Pages.  Mats sit slightly in from the edge of the page for a stylised finish.  


The Artisan

The Artisan pages are crafted using Smooth Art Paper and the design allows your images to run seamlessly across a double page spread with no gap in the crease. The pages are flexible with the added bonus of a lay flat design


  Press Printed Books

The latest addition to Jorgensen’s Bespoke Collection, the Press Printed Book, is the pinnacle of outstanding design & craftsmanship. The Press Printed Book is hand crafted using a choice of smooth or textured “Fine Art Style” papers with a matte finish, trust us, this paper produces gorgeous images!



Wall Art

My goal is to provide images that go beyond just a record of the people in your life, my images capture the soul of your unique family; the connection and the love that binds you all together.  I want to help decorate your home with memories of incredible chapters in your life.

I have a range of options on offer, however, you can’t go wrong with a classic single framed image or a story board.


Prices vary, so please email for more information...