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About Leanne

“I love pretty, natural and organic things. I am utterly devoted to my gorgeous little family and a big ball of white fluff which is my Cavapoo dog - Poppy.  I love joy and happiness, that’s why I love my job! 

I’m a seeker of simplicity and beauty.  I try to follow my heart and tell your story.  I do this by capturing emotions, smiles and tears, reading the body language of a conversation on the other side of the room and knowing exactly when to click to catch the next big laugh.  I adore the curious eye contact of little kids, the proud glances of parents and the dance-like-nobody-is watching bridesmaids. 

Welcoming Newborns to this big world gives me so much joy, as does watching your family grow and blossom.

I have met many new friends through documenting these special times, I am honoured that I have had the chance to be a part of and to tell each family’s story.

I live and predominantly work in London, but with bases in Lancashire and Yorkshire - I am happy to travel within the UK, and being a sun seeker this also applies to overseas.” – Leanne